Jet Ski - Custom Paint Job

Above is my 2008 Kawasaki SXR JetSki, and I designed a custom paint  job for it. There were mistakes made and lessons learned, but the over all experience was amazing. Below are the concept renderings for each side, also pictures of the entire process.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Below is the final concept idea I chose for the jet ski.

This is me taking the newly customized jet ski out for ride.

The inspiration for these concepts came from the idea of creating a fly fish. 

Above is a templet that I created on Photoshop to help visually show the placement and fit for each image. This type of rendering is very useful. It is a lot like a floor plan to a house.

A few days before the D-day my dad and I made this very useful swivel stand that allowed the jet ski to be easily moved or turned. This was the last picture taken of the jet ski in it’s stock form.

Here I have sanded and prepped the surface. Because the hood was originally black and the front hood and handle pole were also black, I decided to only tape off the center part of the hood to allow the side to be primed.

Once the jet ski was prepped, I sketched out both designs. Than I taped and cut them out so that I could spray the background color. I found that this was very simple and easy.

Once I had both sides masked out I was able to spray the background color. Due to a lack of equipment I used Krylon spray paint. This turned out great with a nice even look.

In this step I did some airbrush work to give the appearance of speed. I also faded the black from the rail up to the top to match the black of the bottom hull. This effect gave it more dimension and depth.

Here is the final look from all sides. I used a Krylon clear that worked great. I also replaced the trim that goes around the rail to give a much cleaner look. The black stripe down the middle created a great effect. The airbrush work already gives the jet ski motion. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the final product.

If you would like to see more pictures take a look at my Facebook Fan Page.

Above is a video of the whole process that took 7 days with over 40 hours worth of work. My Dad provided me with his warehouse to make it happen. This was one challenging project. Mistakes were made but the finished product is one of a kind.

At this point, the tape has been pulled and you can clearly see the layout of the sketch. Then I used the paint pens, and section by section filled the blank design. Once the painting is complete I will use Krylon clear to protect the paint.